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Why do You need an attorney?

Simply put, you should have an attorney represent you in many of life's events.

If you have been injured in an accident, it is imperative the you retain legal counsel early on to insure that you maximize the dameages you may be entitled to.

Been arrested for a DUI, DWI, or other serious driving violation? Significant monetary fines and driver license suspensions are imposed on individuals convicted of these violations. You should have an experienced attorney at your side to protect your rights if charged with any serious motor vehicle offence.
Buying a Home or Refinancing your mortgage? In today's ever changing real estate market , you need an attorney to protect what may be the largest investment  in your life and to insure that you understand your mortgage responsibiliies.Mortgage and refinancing transactions are lengthy and sometimes overwhelming. Only your attorney can protect your interests in these complicated transactions.
Do you need a will, or living will? A property drafted will or trust to protect your property and reduce probate expenses. It is important to have an  experianced attorney assist you when you plan for the distribution of your property and estate after your death. Hiring  an attorney will ensure that your wishes are carried out.

Have you recently lost a loved one who has named you their executor or executrix? Hiring a probate attorney to assist you in navigating the probate court system and complying with the associated tax laws can expedite the probate of the estate and help to reduce expenses.
If you are a Landlord, you should have an attorney experienced in landlord/ tenant law to represent you in lease drafting as well as any evictions you may expierience. Landlord/ tenant law is one of the most complicated areas of the law and many provisions of the Connecticut Statutes are stacked against the landlord. Most landlords shouldn't try to navigate summory process actions without an attorney to represent them.
Are you developing a property? Although land development involves land use law that is based on state statutes, however each town regulates land use through local Zoning regulations. No two towns are alike. An experienced land use atttorney can help a landowner to devolpe their property by working with the landowner and their design professionals to prepare applications that comply with all the necessary local requirments.